What is Easy Step?

What is Easy Step – The Must Have Attic Ladder Tread Add On

Have you ever wanted to put items in your attic but dreaded the process of getting up the ladder stairs? Climbing these ladder steps with narrow wooden treads can be mundane and unstable. When carrying an object up a ladder you need good foot support. It’s not just that it feels good but it also gives you the comfort and stability knowing that your feet are supported.
Easy Step is the must have add-on to your existing ladder. This is a home improvement investment that will benefit homeowners for years to come. As the homeowner, you have the choice to upgrade to an improved ladder tread to access your attic space. No more balancing when climbing your attic ladder and you don’t even have to replace your entire ladder system. Simply add Easy Step attic ladder treads right on top of the existing wooden tread. Easy Step increases the standard 3-1/8 inch tread to 5-1/2 inches, almost doubling your foot support.
Easy Step is a patented and innovative, high-quality tread design that was founded on the principle of providing better foot support while climbing attic ladders. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the quality and safety of this product. Easy Step underwent rigorous tests to hold three times the ladder rating up to 300lbs, using the ANSI 14.9A test standards. Once affixed to your current attic ladder, this tread creates a stable and reliable foot support every step of the way. It is made of recycled HDPE plastic that is structurally reinforced and heat resistant up to 200ºF. It is also resistant to insects, moisture, splintering, warping and the product is easy to install in 30 minutes or less.
We at Easy Step strongly believe in supporting our national economy. We are proud to say that Easy Step is manufactured here in the U.S.A. and with the support of the people, always will be. We hope to create jobs for an industry that has been severely beaten up over the last several years. Thank you for taking the time to discover what Easy Step is all about. We hope that this attic ladder add on will help you to feel more secure while being able to use your attic space more freely.

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