Easy Step Attic Ladder Treads

Climbing attic ladders and stairs is a mundane and often onerous task: struggling to climb standard 3-1/8 inch treads while carrying an object of any shape or size causes frustration and often times fear. With the Easy Step attic ladder stair tread, you won’t have to dread the climbing experience any longer. Easy Step is an innovative, high-quality tread that is an accessory to attic ladders, increasing the standard 3-1/8 inch tread to 5-1/2 inches. Once affixed to your current attic ladder, this tread creates a stable and reliable foot support every step of the way. With a more stable platform you won’t worry so much about handling heavy and awkward objects to store them in your attic.

Easy Step is a patented design that has undergone rigorous testing to meet the ANSI 14.9A ladder standards for your safety. It is made of recycled HDPE plastic that is structurally reinforced and heat resistant up to 200ºF. It is also resistant to insects, moisture, splintering, and warping. All components are Made in the USA, and the product is easy to install (in 30 minutes or less).

By adding Easy Step to your existing attic ladder system you save yourself the cost and trouble of replacing the entire attic ladder assembly. For more information or questions, contact us.

Converting Attic Ladders into Stairs

• 1-year Warranty, Installs in 30 Minutes or Less

• Heavy-duty Components All Made in the USA

• Meets ANSI 14.9A Test Requirements

• Supports Attic Ladder Load Rating up to 300 lbs

• Ultra Deep Treads and Steel Hinges

• Fits Standard Wooden Folding Attic Ladders Up to 10′

• Engineered Plastic Lumber Made From Recycled